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The organization named Clariant Chemicals and Mining Inc. is carrying out environmental destruction in Turkey through their mining activities..


In research conducted by TÜRÇEP (Turkey Environmental Platform) it can be concluded that this case of destruction by Clariant can be documented along with the many previous cases of destruction committed by the company.


Many of the lasting effects of these cases of destruction caused by the company past and present are still visible. The company did not rehabilitate and restore the mining area in Çankırı province, Orta district, Büğdüz Village.


The issue has been brought to the agenda of the Turkish Grand National Assembly. CHP (Republican People’s Party) Deputy MP «Mahmut Tanal» announced that had filed a criminal complaint on the issue stating that the cause of the environmental degradation was due to these mining activities.


The company opened a second quarry in the region close to Devrez River.  The mine, which is a silica mine operating under the pretense of being a diatomite mine continues to emit silica dust particles over an area of 800m2 of the village of Büğdüz. The company has been repeatedly warned yet have ignored the laws and the directives of ÇED (Environmental Impact Assessment).






The environmental damage created as a result of the activities of the company Clariant in Orta District of Çankırı province is also being closely monitored by the public.


CHP deputy Mahmut Tanal submitted a parliamentary question to the parliament regarding the issue.


There are allegations that the company is working in violation of the ÇED (Environmental Impact Assessment) Report and that the public officials condone this situation.


Similarly, in Edirne Province, Lalapaşa district, Çömlekakpınar and Yünlüce villages, Clariant Chemicals and Mining Inc. has embarked upon activities that will have a detrimental impact on the area’s nature, agriculture and historical settlements.


The region is an Agricultural Development priority area of Thrace and is famous for its 1st class agricultural lands. At the same time, it is a very important cultural heritage site that is thought to be the GöBEKLİTEPE of Thrace with its Menhir, Dolmen and Tumulus structures.


Despite all this information, the Firm has an eye on prosperity in the Region. In line with his own interests and strategies, he attempts to open a hearth to the Belly of Tumuli. It started to devastate without the need for a «Non-Agricultural Work Permit».


CHP (Republican People’s Party), Vice President of Agricultural Policies, Edirne Deputy Okan Gaytancıoğlu brought the situation to the National Media and did not remain indifferent to the region’s cry for help.


The Lalapaşa Gendarmerie Command have been transferred to the region and took a statement regarding the issue. Teams from the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture have been sent to the region.

The Public and Civil Administration will continue to struggle for the protection of Thrace’s Ancient Cultural Heritage and Agricultural Lands.



The destruction made by the company Clariant of agricultural protection areas, rock tombs, menhir and dolmen landmarks in the Edirne province is widely covered in the Turkish National Press.


On the left, the CHP, the deputy responsible for agricultural policies, Okan Gaytancıoğlu, and the Tumulus structure behind it are clearly visible.


After the destruction by the company Clairant two villages will be destroyed and the area called the GÖBEKLİTEPE of Thrace will be destroyed to a great extent and this is of great concern to the people of the region


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